Pastor & Leaders

pastormikePastor Michael Meyer
I’ve been a Pastor for almost 10 years. Prior to being a Pastor, I was a research manager/corn breeder for a regional seed corn company in Nebraska. I am married to Stacey, who teaches 4th grade at a Lutheran school in the area. Stacey and I have 5 children (1 girl, 4 boys). God kept tugging at my heart to serve in pastoral ministry even as I tried to convince Him that I should serve elsewhere. He convinced me that authentic relationships with others was something that came naturally to me and was something that He was going to use in connecting people to Jesus. It is also what God worked through in bringing our family to Seward, clearly showing us that this is where He wants us to be engaged in His mission. I enjoy cooking, gardening, fishing and baseball.

Board of Directors
President: Tim Moll
Vice President:  Tom Briggs
Secretary: Andrea Sloup
Treasurer: Dave Kumm
Pastor:  Mike Meyer
At-Large Directors:  Seth Boggs, Tim Butler, Wayne Bruns, Greg Miller

Bill Schranz (Chairperson), Scott Seevers (Secretary), Tim Moravec, Matt Myers, Nick Sloup, Rich Boring, Josh Alloway


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