Giving at the Rock

There are several ways that you can share the time, money and talents that God has blessed you with through the Rock!

Monthly Blue Valley Pantry Item
Each month we collect a specific item to donate to the Blue Valley Community Action pantry in Seward. The yearly schedule looks like this:
January: Soap and Shampoo
February: Soup
March: Peanut Butter
April: Paper Towels
May: Kleenex
June: Pancake Mix
July: Canned Meat
August: Canned Fruit
September: Boxed Meals
October: Rice
November: Tooth Paste
December: Tuna

Special Opportunities
On May 24 we kicked off the CHAIR-it-able Contributions Campaign to raise funds to purchase chairs for the worship area at the new Rock.  A committee (a sitting committee not a standing committee) carefully considered the options and selected a reasonably-priced chair that should work great.  A sample chair will be floating around the Lied Senior Center on Sundays for a while so you can give it a test sit.  The chair of the committee says our goal is 300 chairs.  Each chair is about $50 so we’d like to ask everyone to help cover the cost.  We’re asking those that attend the Rock to consider buying a chair for each one in their family – and maybe even one or two extras.  If $50 doesn’t work, consider $25 for each person in your family (the half-cheek option).  Everything helps!  There will be a seating chart at the Rock each Sunday to track our progress each week.   A big thank you to those who have already donated!

Use Your Gifts
Connect to the Forever Family at The Rock through service! There are many ways to use the gifts and talents that God has blessed you with. Where might you join Him at work?

Weekly Offering
Each week during our worship gathering an offering is collected. This is a way for members of The Rock to put a portion of their income to work through the church. Visitors should never feel obligated to contribute anything when the offering basket comes around.

Joyful ResponseJoyful Response is a way for individuals to make their stewardship commitment to God through The Rock on a regular basis. They can determine the start and stop date of the giving as well as the intervals of payment. This is a simple way for each of us to support the ministry through The Rock. People can designate their gifts to be split out towards the general fund or maybe they want some money to go into a building fund or outreach fund.
Click here for an electronic offering form. Forms need to be turned in to Rock treasurer Dave Kumm for processing.


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