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Confirmation Sunday

Our current series:

The Red Letter Challenge at The Rock

Join us as we dive into the Red Letter Challenge. Consider buying the Red Letter Challenge book by Zach Zehnder and following along with us in study.

Dr. Christian Stein Visits The Rock

Dr. Christian Stein travels from far away once again to teach us lessons about God through weird science!

God Only Knows


We’ve all heard about life hacks (and we know that some are better than others), but what about faith hacks?

Faith Hacks

Join us for the next three Sundays in July for our BOLT! Virtual Vacation Bible School. Also, you and your family can access the materials for the BOLT Vacation Bible School program by clicking here and entering the password LETSBOLT to get access. Find a parent guide, videos, song playlist, and info on games and crafts.

Bolt! Virtual Vacation Bible School

Celebrate our freedom in Christ, which is  greater than any other freedoms we have.

Independence Day

In our series "Masks" we learn about the different ways we hide from each other and from God, and see all the ways God removes those masks to work in our lives and the lives of others.


He is still Risen!

Our world is filled with sin, death, and suffering. But Jesus is still risen and still reigns over all of it.

Pentecost: He is Still Risen

Join us for church at The Rock as Rev. Rich Boring leads us while Pastor Mike takes a well-earned break!

Not a Boring Message

Our series after Easter was "Love Does," based on the book Love Does, by Bob Goff.

Love Does



Rev. Brent Smith from Mission Central in Mapleton, Iowa brings us news about the amazing work being done in mission fields around the world.

Mission Beyond Borders

WDJD? During our Ash Wednesday service, we started our new series WDJD: What DID Jesus Do?

Resource: sample letter for thanking someone for teaching you about Jesus

What Did Jesus Do?


Week 2 of WDJD?: (Recording of week 2 failed.) When Jesus turned 12, we hear that he stayed behind at the Temple when his family left. Then at 30 years old, he is baptized. What happened in the years in between where we have no information on his life? He waited. He was being shaped and formed by God’s grace as he waited for the right time to come. As we wait, we draw deeply from God’s grace in all seasons of our lives.



Joining Jesus on His Mission: How to be an Everyday Missionary: In this mini series, we focus on John 14:12: "Truly, truly I say to you, he who believes in Me will do the works that I do also. And he will do greater works than these, because I am going to My Father." Everywhere we go, Jesus is right there at our side and he uses us as "everyday missionaries" to bring his Good News to the people around us. We often remember what we were saved FROM, but do we remember what we were saved FOR?

Joining Jesus on His Mission

Anxious for Nothing: It's normal for us to worry, to be anxious, to be afraid. But God doesn't want us to be in a perpetual cycle of worry with the hopelessness  that goes along with that. (Video for week 1 is not available.)

Anxious for Nothing

Our December series is "Seeking Jesus" which you can read as See King Jesus and Seeking Jesus. Get ready for Christmas with us by learning more about our Savior.

Seeking Jesus

People joined together by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and striving for new connections through open gatherings, conversations, service in the community, and mission beyond borders. That is our mission statement. But what does it mean for our lives?

Saved to Serve

Our message series during September has been "Covenant and Kingdom." Learn about the covenant God made with Abraham, the way God entrusted Joseph and Moses with Kingdom responsibilities, and how Jesus resisted the temptation to break the balance of covenant promises and kingdom responsibilities.

Covenant and Kingdom

Our August series is titled "Real. Present. God." and is focused on the theme of the 2019 National Youth Gathering held in Minneapolis in July. Nearly 10,000 youth and adults gathered to deepen their faith, serve the community of Minneapolis with servant events, and have fun. Each evening's mass event opened with the Real. Present. God. opening signal. Click here to watch it.

Real. Present. God.

Remember that just like God created Carl, he created you and loves you as you are.



Do you love baseball? Love Jesus? Do you have any idea what baseball can teach us about Jesus? Listen to find out.

Jesus: Pinch Hitter or Designated Hitter?

Our Greatest Need

In our series "Living Victoriously," we move from reflection and examination to action, as we look for opportunities the Holy Spirit is giving us to live out our faith in words and deeds.

Living Victoriously

When the excitement of Easter wears off, it can be easy to start to feel some doubt. Even harder, what do you say to people who aren't excited about Easter because their doubt is stronger than their belief? Listen to our new series, "I Doubt It... I Believe," through the links below.

I Doubt It. I Believe!

Planting the Gospel for All Generations

Good Friday and Easter 2019

Why do we do the things we do at The Rock? Who do we want to be? This series focuses on the mission of The Rock: to be people joined together by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and striving for new connections through open gatherings, conversations, service in the community, and mission beyond borders.

The Mission of The Rock

Lunch with Jesus

Gary Thies, director of Mission Central, joined us on February 10 to share about the work being done in the mission field here in the US and around the world.

Go Into All The World

Who is Jesus? January/February 2019

Rocking Around the Christmas Story - Advent / December 2018

First Fruits Sermon Series - November/December 2018

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